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India has, for a few years now built up a considerable reputation for developing new and exciting comic book titles. The quality of art the is being produced is quite brilliant. So this story really follows in that tradition. Priya’s Shakti is the story of a female rape survivor and is a ‘superhero’ style character that fights sexual violence around the planet.

The comic book story was created by filmmaker Ram Devineni who was motivated to create the project after talking to several rape survivors and who hard they found it to get justice. Radhika Sanghani has written an article about the comic here and you can download the comic for free from this website: http://www.priyashakti.com/.

The comic draws on strong cultural themes that fit in with a modern story telling and the art is a combination of photography and digital ink work. What is particularly interesting is the skill with which the story is told for the target audience and combines trans-media elements such as augmented reality using blippar.com.