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Blue Donut Studios Ltd. is a UK based multi-disciplinary mixed media and technology company.

We design and develop our own range of trans-media projects, products and deliver solutions for clients in a range of industry and public sectors.

Blue Donut Studios was created at the end of 2013. We started developing storyboards for TV Ads, pop videos including Joss Stone’s ‘The Love We Had’. We have since developed creative and technical content solutions for the NHS, Local Government, and corporate organisations.

We are commissioned to develop a range of trans-media projects using our creative and technical skills. Our team works on a range of solutions for Virtual Reality and further expanding our capabilities in Augmented Reality.

We launched our first tactical card laying skill game called Line at Spiel 2017 in Essen Germany. We regularly host board game cafés in the UK and appear at Comic conventions and games shows in the UK, Japan and Europe.

Our technical team develops a range of specialised SaaS and Cloud-based and mobile software solutions for Healthcare, Heritage and Culture and Media.

Our customers need to address their communication, understanding and engagement needs using creativity and technology and have a long-term and meaningful partnership with us.

Why Blue Donut Studios as a Name?

We often get asked that question. The answer: We wanted something that was colourful, attractive and stands out. My daughter suggested a Donut and make it blue because that sounds delicious. Well, I couldn’t argue with that. Did you know that the Donut Logo has to bite out to the left – that’s the ‘B’ and the ‘D’ is represented by the hole in the middle.

Marcus Pullen (BA hons, Media Design) / Managing Director