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Blue Donut Studios' Mission
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Mission Introduction

We love making things. It’s our passion. We also love meeting people and understanding their focus and how what they do impacts people in a meaningful way. We also like forming working relationships with our customers to enable us to become a cost-effective resource for them that is an investment for developing solutions that meet their goals. We always look to see how we can provide solution-leverage to the customer’s benefit. The people we work with reflect our aspirations in providing society positive contributions to culture, living and how we want to do business.


We use a cyclic approach to developing projects: Design, Develop Deploy and Decide. Or call it D4. 😊


We work with out customers to create the scope of the project – defining the goals, how to measure success and the legacy of the project. We often develop prototypes and try to keep development ‘paperwork-light’ unless a technical or functional specification is needed. We endeavour to accurately capture the client’s needs and reflect and confirm through documentation.


One we have an agreed plan for development we review on a regular basis and keep communication with the client flowing through online project management services as well as regular updates with the client. Development cycles and workflows vary depending on the nature of projects, but all will follow the principles of keeping the customer in the loop always and making sure that deliverables meet expectation.


We help our customers to deliver final projects to ensure their expectations are met and that they operate correctly. This may come in the form of in-show support for Exhibitions, Mobile and SaaS software support and training to make sure they are confident in the solutions we have provided.  We find that this can also help us learn more about customers end users and gain insight into the world that the customer operates in. And that then helps us to better provide support and create further projects in the future.


At the end of a project we like to review our performance on a project and how the project itself has met our customer’s requirements. This goes into continued support for the customers project. We also collect information on use such as Application user feedback, analytics and other types of performance data that helps our customer to monitor a range of audience measurements to then feedback to the customer to help them decide what the next steps are.