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Partners and Suppliers

Our Partners and Suppliers who work with us to deliver our wide range of products and services

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We’re proud to be able to work with these organisations who provide us with a range of services and solutions to enable us to do what we do.

Retail and Distribution


Retail & Distribution

Our first German online retailer, Brettspielbude.de sells Line the Skateboard card game in Germany. www.brettspielbude.de

Printing and Manufacturing

Blunt Print

Printing and Manufacturing

Blunt Print focuses on producing high quality innovative print. bluntprint.com

LongPack Games

Printing & Manufacturing

Creating incredible miniatures and games pieces as well as delivering high quality print for table top and card games.


Printing and Manufacturing

UK Fabric Map Maker Splash Maps worked with us to create the Agincourt Wearable AR Scarf Map.Splashmaps.co.uk

Senator Press

Printing and Manufacturing

Print specialist dealing with large scale print production and large, complicated print production.


Printing and Manufacturing

GS1 provides us with support for barcode development and ensures that our products have the correct format and are registered to be compliant for large scale retailers around the world. www.gs1uk.org


Printing and Manufacturing

Spreadshirt provide us with the infrastructure to deliver high quality printing of T-shirts and clothing for our Brands.

Localisation and Translation


Localisation and Translation

Altagram are an international organisation who provides localisation and translation services primarily for video games. They provide a complete end-to-end service that enables us to deliver our digital and print products to an international audience. A key feature is that they provide cultural localisation. This means that they will check content and interfaces to ensure that they will be understood in a local language and cultural context. With Altagram 3.0 they provide an automated service for localisation of large scale game projects. We are very excited to provide access to their services to our customers here in the UK.

Worker Bee Inc.

Localisation and Translation

A team of expert engineers in mobile device applications, Worker Bee Inc is our key partner in Japan. They are helping us with advice and technical knowledge of the Japanese mobile game market and are partners with us to deliver KomikAR in Japan. They work with NTT DOCOMO au/KDDI and SoftBank. www.wkb.jp

Hardware and Software Technology


Hardware and Software Technology

We are a registered Apple Developer.


Hardware and Software Technology

We use ClipStudio Pro by leading Japanese creative software developer Celsys. Clipstudio is an industry standard creative tool for manga comic book production. www.celsys.co.jp


Hardware and Software Technology

We are a Google Partner and we use Android as well as provide Search services through the Google Partner program.


Hardware and Software Technology

We are a Microsoft Partner, providing solutions using PowerBI, Office 365 and other Microsoft Platforms and tools. www.microsoft.com


Hardware and Software Technology

German based software develop Nevigo provides an a complete solution for games developers to design and develop content for narrative games. www.nevigo.com



Hardware and Software Technology

Creating chart displays and dashboards for data insights, Plot.ly is a key component to the analytics aspect of our SaaS platform. www.plot.ly


Smith Micro

Hardware and Software Technology

Smith Micro provide us with essential tools for animation and artwork with products such as Moho Pro, MotionArtist and Poser. We are a Smith Micro Influencer.



Hardware and Software Technology

Time+Space Distribution have supported us in developing soundscapes for our animations and provide us with sound and music samples and hardware for our own music. They provide all the latest music software and add-ons for professional music creators. We have a long-standing relationship with the team in Exeter. www.timespace.com


Hardware and Software Technology

Unity is our technology partner for our game development. They also provide us with advice on monetisation. www.unity.com


Hardware and Software Technology

For our customer who need to be able to explore their data and create charts and reports, Yellowfin provides a powerful but easy to use business intelligence tool. We work together to provide Healthcare customers with reports and insights into the data our systems collect.


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