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Augmented Reality

We make Augmented Reality (AR) content.

We uses stories, animation, multimedia and filmmaking to create exciting augmented reality products. We make solutions for museums, public spaces and cultural projects.

AR has become an important part of our business. We find that we get better results with visitor engagement.

Now mobile phones are more powerful and more people than ever before are able to download apps on the go. We can see from data that visitors are happy to get out their mobile phone and join in.

AR is a cost effective tool to create engaging and quality content. It is also an ideal platform for you to use our full range of creative and technical skills.

We build great content. We look after all the aspects of making a project. We are great at creating experiences that people enjoy and learn from. Our customers do not have to put large amounts of money into complex and expensive technology to get results.

Benefits of Blue Donut Studios’ augmented reality service:

  • Provide a complete solution for design, development, deployment and management.
  • Develop AR for Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android.
  • Create 2D and 3D content.
  • Develop animations and films.
  • Deploy on both bespoke applications and Zapcode player.
  • Collect user data and provide sophisticated analytics.
  • Develop stereoscopic AR as well as monoscopic.
  • Support multi marker tracking.
  • Support fiducial markers for natural scene tracking.
  • Support Zappa Studio and Unity.

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