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Augmented Reality: Benefits

Augmented Reality content and applications for historical, cultural, entertainment and corporate sectors

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Augmented Reality Benefits


The benefits of working with Blue Donut for your AR project are that we make your investment in our all our creative and technical services cost effective. To do this we use a range of reusable formats for content that can be used in print and web as well as our A.R..


Augmented Reality is key to how we make our content. We see A.R. and V.R. as an essential part of delivery. So when we create content for clients, we think about how to reuse any film, animation, audio and interactive media we create.


3D and 2D content creation


We make 3D and 2D content, which can be used in exhibitions, merchandise, books and wearables.


We we can develop your story across film, animation, comics and software.


Get the full picture


We can create 360 degree films and stereoscopic images. We will take your brand beyond the traditional customer experience.

Audio AR Experiences


Our team has worked with heritage projects to create interactive audio experiences for walks and exhibitions. It’s a low cost alternative to expensive audio guides.


We can create guided audio tours that can be easily enhanced by adding digital video, animation, 3D models or textual content.




When we use AR for your exhibition, all your displays can be easily updated and you don’t need to do any expensive reprinting of panels. Exhibits can come to life and be interactive.

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