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The Last Dead End Horror Animation and Comic
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The Last Dead End Horror Animation

The process for The Last Dead End has been exciting as well as rather hectic with only a month to write the story, develop the comic book art and then to develop the animation. It’s been quite a feat of production and collaboration. After we completed the animation we have subsequently produced a motion comic that can be played on mobile and tablet. It’s got a slightly different feel to the animation film and an extra narrative which we decided to leave out on the film.

Vodzilla review of The Last Dead End:

“In a sea of live action, grim entries, this animation is a stunning sight. A collage of black and white ink drawings, the story of a soldier and a femme fatale doesn’t have any dialogue – and doesn’t need it. The atmosphere seeps up through the shadowy scratches, from a grainy chandelier swinging in the gloom to a coffin drenched in red. Fantastic.”

The Shortcuts to Hell Volume II compilation is now available to buy on iTunes

Buy the digital version on ComiXology

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About The Last Dead End Horror Comic

In July 2014 we found out about Shortcuts to Hell, a short horror film competition setup by MovieMoguls, Wildseed Studios, The Horror Channel and Chanel 4’s Film 4’s Frightfest season.

We had a month to put together a 3 minute short and we opted for an animation. Crazy ideas sometimes have a habit of coming together and working with the animation team at LoveLove Films we created a short animation that was shortlisted in the final 26 films. The Last Dead End has been featured on the Horror Channel and is available on their video on demand service along with the Shortcuts to Hell 2 DVD.