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The focus in our own comic production is on stories that have a grounding in social and political settings. So that’s pretty much anything

Our writers look to real-world issues for inspiration but can apply concepts to a wide variety of themes and genres. Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction are areas the team have written in as well as modern drama and the occasional TV commercial.

We constantly develop ideas, and over time we will be producing a range of challenging productions. The two first productions come into the genre of Horror and are set against European conflicts.

The Last Dead End

A finalist in Shortcuts to Hell in 2014, this is a short horror animation that was a finalist in the competition. A prequel to our other production entitled the Lair. We hope you find suitably disturbing.

You can view the animation and the motion comic as well as a preview of the printed comic here.

Dark Matter (In Development)

In 1978 Donna Dark has to fight hard to be a female police officer in the Metropolitan Police force. Things are made much harder when, investigating an horrific murder, she discovers a mutilated body and glimpses a monstrous creature disappearing with its head. Donna then has to deal with terrible visions of her childhood and a case that will take her around the world and beyond.

The Lair (In Production)

Set against the backdrop of the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre in Bosnia, this graphic novel tells the story of a small UN Peacekeeping force that sets out to break the rules one last time to save an imperiled group of women. They face a mysterious and terrifying world of folklore and legend, whilst unraveling at the seams at the madness of war, and their past.
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Darkness Beyond the Stars (In development)

Mia is an acolyte of the Sacred. The Sacred have spent untold ages consuming the Galaxy’s resources. She has been woken from hibernation for a special blessing and a mission that will change the future of the entire universe.

DfRnt (In Production)

It’s September of 2024 and already LoopZ hates the yet-another-new-college and she hates the bitches that don’t get her. Amanda, the beautiful centre of attention is the only one who always makes an effort to speak to her. She’s different. One day, she’s gone. Her parents are devastated, the Police at a loss. But LoopZ is about to find the truth and it will take her deep into the UnderNet and across continents to save her only friend and uncover a terrible secret hidden from the world.


Cost Effective

Zack Fisher is a technician on the hyper-relay comms system and it’s down again. A simple job, but one that will go horribly wrong.

Cost Effective is a short story written by Marcus Pullen and illustrated by Marcus and by the Australian games concept artist, Alex Drummond and is available in paperback form on Amazon and iTunes.