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A game where you explore and make changes to a world 1000 years at a time

Will be available on PC Platform / Crafting / Resources / Community


You have been sent into the farthest reaches of the darkness to find new worlds. After surviving a crash landing on an infant world you embark on your mission of exploration and survey. In your journey you discover a black stone structure. It is timeless and the only constructed thing on the planet. In your examination of the stone you activate it and see the stars above fly past. Unsettled by this phenomenon you return to your crashed ship only to find it a long-forgotten derelict, rusted and eaten by time long past. You have travelled far into the future. With only your trusty surveyor’s bucket and spade, you must now find a way to survive on this strange world…

Using the available tools you can dig, plant, grow and mine. Shape the landscape for eons to come. Each time you turn the ultimate tool – the mysterious Eon Stone – you are transported forward in time thousands of years into the future to see the results of the foundations you have laid.

Prototype 2 Preview

Watch a playthrough of the first demo version of the game.

Download The Eon Stone Pre-Production Demo

Get a taste of what we are making with our pre-production demonstration. this is for Windows 10 PC only.

Eon-Stone-Pre-Production-Demo (477 downloads)

Dig, craft, evolve and adapt your world

Time is on your side – use the passing of thousands of years to shape the world, use crafting system to make tools and use the mysterious Eon Stone to use time and the environment to adapt animals and grow them into sentient life. Then use the passage of the ages to develop life into great civilisations.

Game Features

  • Crafting Tool & Weapons
  • Evolving Lifeforms
  • Civilisations and Factions
  • Combat
  • Story and Journal missions
  • Biomes: plains, mountains, forests, deserts, underground, caves, waterfalls, cliffs and glaciers.
  • Terrain Layers: soil, stones, sand, water
  • Weather, Day/Night Cycle
  • Player Locomotion: walking, running, jumping, swimming, climbing, digging.

Explore a world which you create

The Eon Stone is your tool to move through thousands of years into the future, but with your trusty bucket and spade you can shape mountains, lakes and mines. Create forests and glaciers. The world is waiting for you to make a mark on it.

Prototype Preview

See an early test of the game.

The Team

Eon Stone is brought to you by:

Marcus Pullen – Producer

Rory Maclennan – Lead Designer and Programmer

Kai Jenkins – Music and Foley

Annie Walsh – Lead Artist

George Cozens – Supporting Art

Laura Freeman – Business Research

Eon Stone is based on ‘By the Thousands’ a game concept by Rory Maclennan

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