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Devices Beta 1.8 Programmable Card Game

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Devices is all about fulfilling customers’ orders.

Your challenge is to create devices that can generate the right cubes to make an order. Get that right and you can complete an order. The winner is the person to score 30 or more in the last round. Devices is for up to 4 players. Solo – give it a go.

Unlike most games on the market Devices is a beta (1.7 and 1.8). It’s a work in progress. As more people play we learn, make improvements and release a new version.

Devices is a programmable card game. Designed to enable players to device machines that will generate materials to win a customer order. Orders are worth different point values. The harder the order to fulfil, the higher the points will be. Devices uses logic and an understanding of how an input can be affected by the logic of the component cards to create new outputs needed to win orders.

Download the Print and Play version with Rules

DEVICES-1-8-PRINT-AND-PLAY2.pdf (135 downloads)


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