About Blue Donut Studios

Blue Donut Studios was incorporated in May 2015. Since then we have been creating stunning storyboards, videos, VR and AR content, board games, software and more. Whether you need to communicate, understand or engage your audience, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

We work on our own trans-media projects as well as commissioned ones, using our passion and expertise to create amazing products that stand out from the crowd. We have worked with clients such as the NHS, Local Government and Joss Stone, and we have showcased our work at events in the UK, Japan and Europe.

We started out making comics, storyboards and then grew to develop software solutions for the NHS, VR systems for WPP and now working in Med Tech and Research.


Blue Donut is a spring board for innovation

We have created Blue Donut Games, home to our game development work and recently launched Imersar as our brand for a blend of VR, AR and AI. We now have a family of ventures to join the Studios: Blue Donut Games Ltd, Imersar Ltd and RespiAction CIC.

New Frontier

We are now at the stage where we are focusing on the development of our own products and growing our service strength through them.

We are currently working on a new platform for Med Tech, a new VR game and combining the technology to develop our own Digital Addiction Therapy App called Virtality that combines VR, Metaverse, Mobile and Ai into a new kind of therapy.

So it has taken us nearly a decade to develop our skills and commercial experience that itself was built on our team’s experience spanning over 20 years through working in eBusiness, eCommerce and entertainment.

2024 is a new approach for us. Our focus on providing systems and solutions across Games, VR and AI that is entertaining as well as game changing, allowing our companies to work together to cross develop our applications. 

Since we have started we have been self funded and supported by our amazing customers. This we hope to continue. With the launch of our collaborative application. It is also the first year that we are open to investment opportunities.

We are not just a company, we are a family. Our name comes from our founder’s daughter, who suggested a colourful and catchy name that reflects our personality and vision. Our logo represents our initials and our commitment to quality and excellence.

Are you looking for a creative and innovative partner to help you with your mixed media and creative technology projects? Look no further than Blue Donut Studios, a unique UK innovation company that can deliver creative and technical solutions for private and public sectors.

If you are interested in using or investing in our range of apps and services please use the contact form below.