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Cosmic Stroll 2 VR Mobile App for iPhone and Android

Download the free mobile VR app to take a VR trip Billions of Years into the Past of the Cosmos…

NEW! Horror in the Library Preview

A Victorian Steampunk Horror Boardgame

NEW! Devices 1.7 Beta

Build Devices to Fulfil Customers’ Orders

PREVIEW! Squares!

The Easy Strategy Card Game for Everyone

Immortal Paths a Strategy Card Game

New! Immortal paths, the strategy card game for up to 4 players.

Line: The Skateboard Card Game

Line The Skateboard Card Game is now available to buy through our stockists and online.

Comics Studio

Blue Donut Studios creates and sells comics

We create and sell printed and digital comics. With our sister company, Imersar we have also launched KomikAR a new way to engage with comics.

Board Games

Blue Donut studios make and sell card and board games

We design, license and manufacture tabletop games. We exhibit at UKGE and Spiel. Talk to us if you are looking to convert your video game for tabletop.

Film + Animation

Blue Donut Studios Film and Animation.

We create story content for film and animation and have created storyboards for musical artists to global advertisements for products and services.

AR and VR Studio

Blue Donut Studios created content and AR, VR and hybrid.

With our sister company Imersar we develop content for Google Cardboard, Oculus and smart phones. We make stories and content for both AR and VR.

We make: Games, Comics, A.R., V.R., Storyboards, Animation and Film

Storytelling, creativity and technology

Our studios create physical and digital solutions for entertainment and learning through games, comics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and video.

Board Games / Card Games / AR Comics / AR Apps / Virtual Reality Spaces / Storyboards / Animations / Film

Blue Donut Studios Events

Find out about events we are running and attending this year.

Stockist Locator

Find out about where you can buy our games, comics and AR products in shops.

Creative and Technical Services

Find out about our business services for games, comic and XR development.

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