We create comics, animations, augmented reality, virtual reality and apps.

Augmented Reality Comics

You can now buy The Last Dead End Augmented Reality Comic with Amazon as well as through the amazing ComiXology Store and app. Find out more about the development of the comic and the animation in our production section.

Horror Channel

Watch: The Last Dead End as seen on the Horror Channel and Shortcuts to Hell

News & Social Media

Our projects

The battle of Agincourt Augmented Reality Fabric Map created by Blue Donut Studios

Augmented Reality Wearables

We developed an innovative wearable augmented reality map that combined our digital content created for a two year long project commemorating the battle of Agincourt.

Blood & Valour Augmented Reality Comic

We are developing a new Augmented Reality Graphic Novel telling the story of the Legends of Sir Bevis.

VR Development

Blue Donut Studios has developed immersive VR for Google Glass and Oculus. We are also working with companies for the new generation of headsets for our VR content service.


Blue Donut Studios is working with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide Web-based Quality Surveillance and Reporting Solutions to promote healthcare professional feedback and engagement.

Blue Donut Studios is creating compelling and successful storytelling for brands, products and licenses.

Eastleigh Borough Council’s Department for Culture try out our Augmented Reality Map

Blue Donut Studios featured on BBC South Today

We were featured by BBC South Today as part of the launch of the Eastleigh Tec Hub. We are founder members and work out of the facility supporting associate members in the 2016 Digital Arts Programme in Eastleigh UK.


We have the ability to transfer story concepts to applications and online, developing interactive applications that immerse the audience into your story. Info coming soon.

We use animation to enhance you story and increase impact and retention of message. We are skilled in a variety of techniques both digital and traditional… more

We produce storyboards for film, television, software and websites both for planning and pitching projects… more


We develop and deliver multi-platform augmented reality for products, exhibitions and events


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