Our knowledge around AI

Artificial Intelligence is growing from Sci-Fi concept, investor buzz-word to disruptive technology.

There is a lot of uncertainty around its potential, reliability, trust and ethical implications for so may areas of our life. We are building our systems to embrace Artificial Intelligence, an inaccurate term used for a blend of big data, probabilistic mathematics, adaptive algorithms, cloud technology and computing hardware systems. AI. not to be confused with the idea of a general intelligence self aware system, which is many years away, if ever possible, is going to change a lot in our every day lives.

Our managing director started with AI in the form of Neural Networks for decision making in the 90s, and worked on promoting educational courses around Neural Nets when he was a cover disk editor for PC Pro.
Since then he has been interested in artificial intelligence, developing simple code systems with life forms that consume digital food and reproduce as many students in computing have done.

When Quasar was established in 2017, Blue Donut Studios began developed insights using machine learning and tested a range of machine learning systems to develop insights.

We have been using A.I to improve services for corporations looking to tell visual stories with data and created a tool which integrates generative AI that will build storyboards based on parameters and data.

Now we are taking the next step into AI with support from Microsoft. We have been accepted into the Microsoft Founders Hub programme. This has provided us with the tools and support to develop further with Open.Ai, ChatGPT and Copilot on the Microsoft Azure platform. With access to over 150 thousand dollars worth of software and infrastructure resources, this could be a real positive game changer for us and our customers.

We’ve learned a lot of practical experience and we’re still learning. If your busines wants to take advantage of the current innvoations in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our focus for AI is for developing our own LLMs (Large Language Models) and integrating into our own platforms and services. We will publish more about this in due course.

Blue Donut Studios is using AI to support development in coding and we are also using AI in furthering our ability to analyse data and present insights in immersive ways.

We are using generative AI for concept development, video roughs, social media support. This is a valuable tool for supporting the creative process but doesn’t replace it. For example, all the board game illustrations for Horror in the Library was developed by hand, not using AI. And this is the preferred method for final work. But using generative AI for quick mock-ups, or for communicating ideas in presentations.

AI also presents an opportunity for smaller business to extend their capability and rival much larger organisations. We are able to leverage powerful services such as Azure Cloud and Copilot into our systems with the support of the Microsoft Founders Hub, this is an opportunity we won’t waste.

The video above was created from an image developed using generative AI. The AI image was then processed by another system to create movement. This person does not exist. The source of the original image being Lady Hermione Elderoy, a cartoon game character in Horror in the Library Board Game.